This is a BlogActiv backup of Nosemonkey’s EUtopia, an award-nominated, critically pro-EU British blog originally founded in 2003.

Nosemonkey is the meaningless pseudonym of J Clive Matthews – a writer, editor and online content consultant whose work (mostly on film, travel, history and politics) can be found everywhere from the Times Literary Supplement to B2B magazines, openDemocracy to various books (some of which have even made second editions). His political knowledge comes from a couple of stints as researcher to a (then) member of the Foreign Affairs Select Committee at the House of Commons, a short period working at the European Commission in Brussels, a postgrad degree in history, and an obsession with current affairs and international relations.

In 2008 he made the five-man shortlist for the inaugural UACES-Reuters Reporting Europe Award alongside the likes of the Europe Editors of the BBC and The Economist. Which was nice. More endorsements can be found on the testimonials page.

Email Nosemonkey [at] if you want to get in touch.

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